About the Author

Vivien Stuart, Author of Acacia House

Vivien Stuart’s life is driven by compassion and kindness.

Trained as a nurse and midwife, she welcomed countless babies in maternity wards from Port Moresby to Perth. Later, while caring for her three children, she became a palliative care nurse, working in a hospice in Perth, Western Australia.

Studying creative writing at UWA culminated in a PhD. Her prize-winning honours dissertation and successful doctoral thesis are at the origin of the novel, Acacia House, and its accompanying dissertation, Caring Texts: Ethics, Literature and Care of the Dying.

She currently works with Palliative Care WA, while continuing her life-long caring role for her family, friends and extensive garden.

Interested in an Author Talk?

Vivien is a fantastic speaker and talented author. The passion she has for the incredible work that she does comes through in every sentence.

Acacia House is a beautifully told story of three nurses from three very different backgrounds who come together to work in palliative care. The book shows that there is joy to be found everywhere, even in dying, and caring for those who are dying. It is a poignant reminder of our mortality, to make the most of every moment given to us and to have those tough conversations with our loved ones.”

Lorraine Horsley,
Librarian, AH Bracks Library

Vivien is happy to discuss Acacia House with book groups or at events, either in person or via video conferencing. Contact Vivien at acaciahouse22@gmail.com for further details.